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Pierre Ménard, Certified Real Estate Broker

Pierre Ménard

With more than 20 years of experience in real estate brokerage, Pierre now runs his own real estate agency: PME

 Thanks to his ability to manage customer relations through an openness to multiple ethnicities and cultures, various personalities, and various levels of society, he has successfully crossed different market conditions and continuously adapt to the evolution of  applicable regulations.

 His in-depth knowledge of the land registry online allows him to understand the real estate and to know all the financial, legal and other aspects of real estate.

 He demonstrates a good command of the certificate of location: acquired rights, limitations, uses, zoning, etc.

 His qualities of determination and leadership, and his professional competence in legal matters are essential assets to accompany you and guide you in every detail of your real estate transactions with strength and peace of mind.

 Give Pierre and his team your real estate transaction.  You will find, like many of its clients (see their testimonials and references), that you will have a pleasant, professional and well-guided experience at each stage of the process to ensure you make the best decision  possible.


Suzanne Pharand

Suzanne Pharand, Certified Real Estate Broker

With more than 35 years of experience in real estate brokerage, Suzanne has joined the real estate agency PME.

 Thanks her ability to listen and her in-depth knowledge in the field of residential, agricultural and she had the opportunity to work on major deals of Multi-housing including a transaction concluded and notarized a 56 multi-dwelling buildings.

 Suzanne specializes in this field and proudly represents a clientele of highly qualified real estate investors for income properties: 6-8-12-24 and + more units.

 Suzanne possesses a winning fiber and her qualities of great perseverance, determination and integrity make her conclude transactions to the total satisfaction of the parties with a great human respect.

 Entrust Suzanne and her team your real estate transaction you will be a winner.